BFF Training: Transform Your Friendships

BFF: Training: Transform Your Friendships

Create a Culture of Loving and & Loved Well In Friendship

STOP having (silent) standoffs with your friends.

START having honest conversations about what you and they need.

KEEP life-giving, healthy friendships going!

As our lives move through different seasons, our friendships either grow with us, or they don’t. Throughout my career, I’ve heard over and over how my clients’ hearts are deeply connected to-and broken by-long time friendships. Think about it: what models did we have for friendship growing up, besides what we saw on big and little screens, and our limited view of the adults in our lives? I invite you and your friends to join me for an evening of self-discovery, understanding and developing practices for loving, communicating with and honoring our friendship needs. We’ll explore:

How can we stop having misunderstandings and communication blocks with our closest, oldest and dearest friends?

How can we create a relationship of mutual support, trust, and joy?

How can we have more good days than bad days in our relationship?

Let’s go deeper and learn about the ways we interact with each other and navigate our relationships. We’ll learn about The Enneagram of Personality Types, and how it informs our self-understanding. Attendees will leave with knowledge on how to leverage their natural abilities and insight on ways to approach obstacles and conflict from a space of compassion and creativity. We will deepen our love and understanding for ourselves and others to unlock:

  • More Clarity in sharing your needs and desires
  • Less Confusion as you listen and understand
  • More Success in your relationship going forward.

Danielle Fanfair has thirteen years of teaching and coaching adults. She takes clients from Confusion to Clarity, exploring the truth of who they are using her curriculum comprised of communication and understanding tools, self-care practices, and The Enneagram of Personality.

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